Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)


All grade 5 - 10 students require a laptop device, either Windows or Mac, for use both at school and at home. Sacred Heart College has a virtual desktop (Citrix) which enables all students and staff to use any device on the College’s network. The power of the device is not critical as the actual device does little computing apart from providing a keyboard and screen, the desktop and hardware is provided by our server infrastructure. The College will provide students with an Office 365 account, the Citrix receiver and access to the College Wi-Fi system and Internet service. iPads are not suitable for BYOD at Sacred Heart College. 

Byod Purchasing

If you wish, you can use either of the two purchasing portals to purchase a device that has been selected by the College. Parents are under no obligation to purchase your childs device from these portals if you do not wish to do so. If you are unsure as to what device to purchase, you can base your decision on the devices that we have selected here.

For Windows Devices, click here

For Mac devices, click here

Office 365 and Office installation

You will not need to purchase Office for your childs laptop as it can be accessed either through Citrix, or installing it directly to the Laptop from your childs Office 365 account.

Students can login into Office 365 by using their school Login details. (

To login to Office 365 click, here. Once logged in you can click on the Install Office 2016 button.

School Setup

Once you have purchased your device you can bring it into school for the IT technicians to configure for wireless, install Citrix, and upgrade to Windows 10 for Education.