Old Scholars


The Association began in 1961, when Sr. Dominic contacted some past pupils and asked them to form an old scholars association. The first re-union was held in August 1961, a mass followed by a communion breakfast.  Re-union dinners have been held annually since then.

In 1977 the Association acted upon an idea from Miss Corrie Jones, in establishing a Scholarship to be awarded annually and named in honour of Sr. Dominic. The scholarship was awarded for “Leadership and Service to the College”. The scholarship was awarded for many years until our funds ceased. For many Years the Association also sponsored children through World Vision.

Many donations of books, equipment and various other items have been given to the College through our fundraising.

In May each year, we have our annual re-union dinner and for the last few years, it has been held at Hadleys Hotel.

Our current office bearers are:

President:   Mrs Mareea Sutherland Secretary:   Mrs Kathryn Darvell Treasurer:   Mrs Kay Jarvis


If you wish to be included on our mailing list, please contact Jo Fitzpatrick through the College office or complete the following form: