Tuition Fee Assistance

A message from the Principal - I am aware that many families will have unfortunately lost their employment, business income or had their hours reduced due to Coronavirus. In turn, this loss of income may impact parents’ capacity to meet their tuition fees commitment in the short or long term. Please be assured that SHC is committed to providing fast, flexible and confidential financial assistance to support families to manage their commitment for 2020.

Catholic Education Tasmania has a Fee Assistance Policy available via the Catholic Education Tasmania website that will form the basis of our response to affected families.

To assist us to provide the necessary support to families, a condensed fee assistance application form has been designed to allow families to provide an explanation of their current circumstances and the assistance you feel you need at this time.

All College families received a copy of the condensed fee assistance application form by email on 31/3/2020. Please contact the College Accounts Department should you have any questions or require any assistance.