At Sacred Heart College, the values of our founders, the curiosity of our students, and the skills and knowledge of our staff combine to create a unique learning community. 

Guided by our College values, the Australian Curriculum and the Archbishop's Charter for Tasmanian Catholic schools, our goal is to provide students in our care with an outstanding education but more than that, to help students develop essential skills to become resilient, independent, confident and creative men and women who can make a difference in the world. 

Inspired by the College charisms of C.A.R.E. Sacred Heart College students are encouraged to be: 

  • CO-OPERATIVE -  to work collaboratively, to share and to communicate their ideas.
  • Inspired to ACHIEVE - to follow their natural curiosity, to question and to wonder, to  set goals and to work towards them. 
  • RESPECTFUL - to have respect for themselves, for their peers, for staff, for the learning environment and for the world around them.
  • EMPATHETIC - to be considerate of others, to respect differences and to appreciate different points of view.