Our Learning Platform

Sacred Heart College is a place for students, families and educators to come together to celebrate the development of the whole child as they travel their individual pathways towards the future.
We realise the importance education plays in the success of each child’s journey and are committed to creating a place where students feel respected and valued. A place where childhood through to adolescence is celebrated and where all students regardless of faith, cultural background or disability are nurtured.

Catholic education by its very nature challenges us to be a co-operative and inclusive community which builds an atmosphere where students are made aware of God’s love for them and to understand their own unique place in the world. Students are immersed in a rich learning environment, which supports their individual needs, where they are listened to and encouraged to express their ideas.

The pedagogical practices used in curriculum delivery across the College are continually revised to ensure best practice and provide for differentiated learning. Students are encouraged to become communicators, collaborators, researchers, self-managers and critical thinkers.

Sacred Heart College provides quality learning experiences through implementation of the Early Years’ Framework in Kindergarten and The Australian Curriculum from Preparatory to Year Ten. From the play-based inquiry of Kindergarten to Year 2, a more formalised programme is introduced through Years 3 - 10. The College provides all students with comprehensive learning opportunities as mandated by the Australian Curriculum. Further emphasis on numeracy and literacy enables students to experience success across all learning areas. Students are offered enrichment opportunities and development of capabilities and proficiencies through the many and varied elective course offerings.