Opportunities for Extension

Both within and outside of the classroom, there are opportunities for students to challenge themselves, develop skills and discover new interests.

Students are invited to join coding or robotics groups, try their hand at creative writing, participate in public speaking, science and maths competitions.

After-school tutorials are available each week providing support for secondary English, maths, history and science.

Students are encouraged to care for our surroundings through participation in the gardening club, helping with the classroom composting programme and encouraging the reduction of waste through recycling and the encouragement of nude food.

Students work to increase awareness of social issues and to help members of our community in need through involvement with the Justice Action Network and Young Vinnies.

There are also opportunities for students to experience different and unique cultures first-hand with trips to Uluru, Japan and Timor Leste. There is something for every student, with activities and opportunities to extend, challenge and spark new interests.