Reading, writing, understanding and critically analysing text are the basic skills required to access and process information. Students with well-developed literacy skills have significant success not only with the curriculum but with all of their future endeavours. The importance of these skills is recognised in the National Curriculum through the embedding of literacy within all curriculum areas.

Sacred Heart College is strongly committed to the direct teaching of the skills needed for each child to be able to read, write, communicate and critically analyse text at each stage of schooling through various focussed literacy programmes.

Learning Opportunities:

Students work in targeted literacy classes for five-eight periods each fortnight. Lessons are constructed to ensure that all the necessary skills are taught and embedded. Students reading below their expected standard are placed in small classes that focus on the skills that aid students in reaching Grade Standard. Students who are already achieving at a higher level are given opportunities to increase their skills and vocabulary as well as focus on the increasingly important area of critical literacy. Our goal at Sacred Heart College is to have every student reading at or above their grade level and able to effectively use skills in reading, writing, listening, speaking and critically analysing.