Religious Education

Religious Education at Sacred Heart College develops students’ knowledge and understandings of Christianity in the light of Jesus and the Gospel, and its unfolding story and diversity within contemporary Australian and global society.  It expands students’ spiritual awareness and religious identity, fostering their capacities and skills of discerning, interpreting, thinking critically, seeking truth and making meaning.  It challenges and inspires their service to others and engagement in the Church and the world.

Learning Opportunities:

  • Year 7 Units: Sacred Heart College, Jesus & Prayer and Creation.
  • Year 8 Units: Being Catholic, Being a Moral Person, Catholic Social Teaching & The Golden Rule.
  • Year 9 Units: Sacraments, Identity & Resilience, Christian Love & Mary and Women in the Church.
  • Year 10 Units: Spirituality, Eastern Religions, Fully Human, Fully Divine & Ethics.

Each Year Level also enjoys an opportunity to participate in a Formation Day, an excursion at Year 7 & 8, and guest speakers at Year 9 & 10.

Elective Courses in Years 9 and 10:

Faith, Outreach & Leadership: Young people have an important role in shaping the present and the future. They possess an acute sense of justice and desire to make a difference in the world. This subject aims to provide students with the tools they require to effect positive change by educating the mind, the heart and the hands.