Feedback & Complaints

As part of our ongoing commitment to continuous school improvement Sacred Heart College welcomes feedback from our College Community and beyond.

Please click on the link below to record congratulations, concerns, complaints or feedback to help us acknowledge the things we are doing well and identify any areas requiring improvement.

Complaints Management Policy and Procedure

Catholic Education Tasmania (CET) acknowledges that all students, families, staff, volunteers and members of the broader community have the right to raise a complaint (including matters of concern or a grievance). CET supports and welcomes the chance to receive and act on complaints and is committed to acting on any complaints received to ensure that:

(a) Individual complaints, concerns and grievances are taken seriously, addressed fairly, objectively, in a timely manner and with transparency, accountability and due regard for the severity of the matter;

(b) Any systematic improvements are identified and implemented; and

(c) CET does everything it can to protect the welfare of all students and their families.

The links below provide access to the Catholic Education Commission Tasmania (CECT) Complaints Management Policy and Complaints Management Procedure.

If you feel that your complaint has not been addressed at the College level please use the link below to access The Catholic Education Tasmania Feedback Portal which provides a platform for communicating, at a system level, with the Tasmanian Catholic Education Office (the operational arm of the Catholic Education Commission Tasmania).