Health & Physical Education

HPE is studied by all secondary students throughout Years 7 to 10, aiming to expand knowledge, understanding and skills to help each student achieve successful outcomes in classroom, leisure, social, movement and online situations. Health and Physical Education enables students to develop skills, understanding and willingness to positively influence the health and wellbeing of themselves and their communities.

Movement and Physical Activity - focuses on participation in a variety of sports, leisure and recreation activities to improve skill acquisition for life long participation. Students develop a range of skills in different environments, and master fundamental motor skills. As students advance through the programme, they are able to transfer knowledge and skills into minor games and engage in activities of increasing complexity and greater spatial awareness that enables them to move safely in large group situations. Students are encouraged to move their bodies, make active choices are provided with the opportunity to learn through movement. Students experience a wide range of physical activities to provide scope for their future choices and to foster a lifelong commitment to being active.

Personal Social and Community Health - focuses on the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to make healthy and safe choices. Students are exposed to the concept of Health and Wellbeing as relational and multi-dimensional, incorporating resilience, connectedness, values and purposes.

This strand examines environments that influence health, safety, relationships and wellbeing at an individual and community level. It focuses on identities and change, interacting with others, and making healthy and safe choices. Sacred Heart College is a community which focuses on the importance of relationships and connectedness by creating and maintaining an environment which promotes inclusivity.

Elective Courses in Years 9 & 10:

Athlete Development - this course is designed to help students develop levels of personal fitness and get the most out of their body in order to achieve success in their chosen sport.

Sport Science - helps students develop an understanding of the interrelationships between the human body and the development of fitness, providing a deeper understanding of some of the factors that determine human performance in sport and recreational activities.

Health Studies - provides students with the opportunity to further explore health issues important to them as individuals and as a society. This is an academic based course designed to build and expand knowledge gained in Health and Wellbeing.