Prep to Year 6 - Discovery and Inquiry

The Primary Campus is a place for children, families and educators to come together to celebrate the development of the whole child. At Sacred Heart College, students are immersed in a rich learning environment which supports their individual learning, where they are listened to and encouraged to be actively involved in their own learning.

Over recent years our Primary classrooms have been extended and developed to create flexible learning spaces, catering for different learning styles, providing opportunities for students to work independently and collaboratively, and providing welcoming spaces for students to develop social and academic skills.

From the play-based inquiry of Kindergarten and Prep, a more formalised programme is introduced in Years 1 and 2 and is further extended through Years 3 to 6. Literacy and Numeracy skills are a crucial element of our curriculum and are a key focus within every subject with initiatives in place across all year levels to help students build solid foundations.

Students are provided with learning opportunities based on the Australian Curriculum including the core subjects of English, Maths, Religious Education, Science and Humanities and Social Sciences. There are opportunities for students to learn about different parts of the world through Geography and Languages, to express themselves through Music, Art and Drama and to be active and healthy with regular outdoor activity sessions, Health and Physical Education lessons and the opportunity to participate in after-school sports programmes.

Technology is integrated within each classroom enhancing teaching and learning, and providing opportunities for discovery, investigation and the creative presentation of information. Students are encouraged to be responsible users of technology, demonstrating respect for self, for those around them and for the facilities provided within each classroom.

In the Early Years, Science learning focusses on making observations and how these can be organised to reveal patterns that can be used to make predictions about how the world works. In the Upper Primary Years, students continue to develop their science skills by following methods to make observations, and to collect and organise data to support their understanding of the world around them.

The Primary Handbook can be accessed below providing detailed information for students in Prep to Year 6 regarding:

  • College Charisms & Expectations
  • Communication with the College
  • Curriculum, Assessment & Reporting
  • College Expectations & Procedures