Inclusive Learning

Sacred Heart College is an inclusive school where students of all backgrounds and abilities are welcomed and supported. Our approach is to be flexible and to cater for the specific needs of each and every student. The Learning Support Team works closely with classroom and subject teachers to support in differentiation, implementing strategies and developing a clear understanding of the nature of students’ challenges so that they have the best possible opportunity to engage with the curriculum and all aspects of college life on the same basis as others.

The Learning Support Team also works to identify students at risk academically and socially and where appropriate academic assessments and/or psychological assessments may form part of the identification process of students requiring additional support for their learning or social-emotional development. As well as identifying areas of difficulty, these processes also help teachers and other staff to gain a clear picture of how students best learn.

Learning Opportunities: We provide a range of support programmes including social skills programmes, Life Skills, Community Living Skills, and modified numeracy and literacy programmes, all of which are specifically targeted at the ability and development level of the students, so that their skills and knowledge can be built upon. This also ensures that a learning pathway can be established that will take them through the college and beyond.