Tuition Fees and Charges

Tuition Fees are determined annually by the Board of Management in line with the College's Fee Policy which responds to the core purposes of the College: to pass on the teaching, spirituality and values of the Catholic Church, to care for, educate and serve our students, and to nurture the distinctive and special charism of the Sisters of St Joseph.

Family Discounts are available for families if 3 or more children are enrolled at any Catholic school in Tasmania. The discount is determined by the Tasmanian Catholic Education Commission and is consistent across all Catholic schools.

Tuition Fees are as inclusive as possible covering the majority of activities and events completed throughout the school year. Optional activities such as interstate or international trips and some sporting activities require additional payments. Specific details are listed on the Tuition Fees & Charges Schedule.

Tuition Fees & Charges - 2024
Year Level Total Annual Tuition Fee 2024
$ 2,610
Prep - Year 2
$ 3,110
Year 3 - Year 5
$ 3,300
Year 6
$ 3,520
Year 7 - Year 8
$ 4,680
Year 9 - Year 10
$ 4,990

To contact the College regarding Tuition Fee Accounts and Payments, please email -