Learning with Technology

At Sacred Heart technology is recognised as an important educational tool that augments student learning and offers students new ways to discover, to analyse, to collaborate and to communicate. Our College strategy is to provide ICT that is reliable, secure and accessible to all students, to support teaching and learning and enhance the experience and opportunities for our students.

Technology is utilised within each classroom and teaching space and is integrated within lessons and extracurricular activities.

  • Students in Kinder to Year 3 use class sets of College owned iPads.
  • Year 4 is a transition year, with students having access to College laptops, learning basic skills and responsibility.
  • Students from Year 5 to Year 10 require their own laptop as part of the College Bring Your Own Laptop Programme (BYOL).

Our Digital Technologies Curriculum provides students with technical skills and knowledge but also includes important lessons on acceptable use, cyber safety and responsible digital citizenship.

Students in Kindergarten through to Year 10 have the opportunity learn about responsible digital citizenship and to investigate the different ways digital technologies are used to solve real world problems. They explore and develop coding, computational thinking skills and design skills using a variety of devices and programs.

Learning Opportunities: Our Year 7 and 8 students participate in a hands-on program that includes the use of:

  • Scratch and Lego EV3 robots to solve challenges and explore programming.
  • The Grok Learning Platform, MineCraft Pi and series of selected activities (eg. write a text adventure) to understand the basics of Python.
  • Raspberry Pi to investigate networked systems (network hardware and structures).
  • Videos and selected activities to better understand responsible digital citizenship.

These and other activities are designed to progress students’ knowledge, understanding and skills over the first two years of secondary school and prepare them to for further learning in Years 9 and 10 if they choose to continue the study of Digital Technologies.

Elective courses in Years 9 and 10:

Learners in Years 9 and 10 have the opportunity to select the Digital Technologies Elective Course and pursue their interest in:

  • Computer networks (network protocols, data compression and encryption)
  • Digital game design using Game Maker Studio 2 and Python (the design process, programming, project management)
  • Robotics and embedded devices using Lego EV3, Raspberry Pi and BBC micro:bits (problem solving, practical applications of technology)
  • Coding (general purpose programming languages)
  • Databases and information systems (data collection, storage, visualisation and how humans interact with data)
  • Digital citizenship (safe and responsible use of technology)