As outlined in the Australian Curriculum, the study of English is fundamental to the learning of all young Australians. Through the study of English, students develop not only their communication skills, but also of equal  importance, their ability to think critically and creatively about texts and the world around them. Through the study of English, students gain an invaluable set of skills that will prepare them for their future workplace environment. These skills include fluency in the following modes: creating, listening, reading, speaking, viewing and writing.

Learning Opportunities:

Sacred Heart College offers an engaging and diverse English curriculum. Throughout their time at the College, students will study a number of different units, including: Belonging, Dystopian Fiction, Media Studies, Poetry, Story Telling and The Power of Words. A central component of our English curriculum at Sacred Heart College includes at least one novel study for each year level with senior students also studying Shakespeare's plays.  

Elective courses in Years 9 and 10:

English Extended (Page & Screen): Students in Year 10 have the opportunity to pursue their passion for English further by partaking in this challenging extension subject that aims to further prepare students for entry into a level 3 English course at college. Students analyse and engage with a variety of written and visual texts from both classical and contemporary genres and undertake a range of assessment tasks including analytical essays, film reviews, creative writing tasks and close reading exercises. A primary focus of this elective course is to continue to develop each student's written communication skills and expand their skillset when analysing complex literary texts.