Reconciliation Action Plan

Acknowledgement of Country

Sacred Heart College acknowledges that we learn, teach and play on the lands of the muwinina people. We are committed to fostering a connection between our school community and the world’s oldest living culture in the country that we now all share.

We are guided by the spirits of the old people still in the land; we listen to the wisdom of the elders of the present, and we cherish and nurture the emerging Aboriginal leaders of the future. We acknowledge the strength and resilience of all of Tasmania’s first peoples and we walk alongside them with respect.

Our Vision for Reconciliation

Our College Community has a strong vision for a reconciled Australia in which Aboriginal Torres Strait Islanders and non-indigenous Australians walk together with respect and understanding. We recognise and teach about the diverse cultures and Connection to Country of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and we can share this respect for culture and Country to best prepare our students to be a part of a future of equality, equity and unity.

Recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, culture and history.

Sacred Heart College encourages all school community members to consider the histories, cultures and diverse communities that make up our nation. We acknowledge and respect Australia’s complicated and difficult past, since colonisation, and the effect this has had on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and cultures, and we recognise their strength, resilience, and commitment toward developing awareness and understanding among our community.

Encouraging and supporting the understanding of Australia’s First Nations' peoples, their values, cultures and histories is a core value of our school community, and we are committed to embedding history and culture within our curriculum planning, organising events and learning opportunities that recognise and utilise engagement with the Tasmanian Aboriginal Community.