Text Books, Stationery & Student Laptops

Information on any stationery or text book requirements for the new school year is provided in October/November of the preceding year, or upon enrolment (for those commencing after the school year has begun). The details of items required for each year level can be found below. 

Technology is utilised within each classroom and teaching space and is integrated within lessons and extracurricular activities. Students in Kinder to Year 3 use class sets of College owned iPads and Year 4 students have access to College laptops. 

Students from Year 5 to Year 10 require their own laptop as part of the College Bring Your Own Laptop Programme (BYOL).  Information on laptop specifications is provided with booklists and is included in the enrolment pack. 

Booklists & Stationery Requirements for 2020

An update on booklist and stationery orders: OfficeMax have advised that they are experiencing delays in the issue of orders across Tasmania, NSW, Qld and WA. They apologise for any inconvenience and have provided the following update:

  • All orders will be filled as soon as possible.
  • OfficeMax have called in all possible resources and are working around the clock to get orders out.
  • Orders placed before the end of December should be received by families before the start of term.
  • Orders placed in January may not be received before the start of term but will be delivered as soon as possible. 

As you would imagine the OfficeMax customer service line is currently receiving a significant number of calls, as the delays are affecting a number of states across Australia. The information they can provide when called is as outlined above. They are asking for our patience and assure us that all orders will be filled as quickly as possible.

Both primary and secondary staff are aware of the delays and will ensure students have access to any required materials while orders are outstanding.